6 proven techniques to earn with cryptocurrency effortlessly

Today we are going to share some proven techniques to earn with cryptocurrency, these techniques are so effective and effortless that you can easily do it with your jobs as well. Infact one of my students is earning 40-60 thousands a month using these techniques.


If you want to earn using cryptocurrency, it is very important to know what cryptocurrency is and how you can make money using crypto. I have already explained in my previous post about crypto wallets, click here to read.

I guess we all know what crypto is, we all know all people who suddenly got rich as the prices of crypto increased suddenly in 2017, but investing is the only way to earn money using crypto currency? Hell no!

In this post, we are going to talk about some actionable ways that can help you earn money using crypto currency, so let’s get started with them…

6 proven techniques to earn with cryptocurrency

1. Investing in cryptocurrency

Investing in crypto currency is one of the best techniques to earn with crypto currency because it has proved to be most profitable to all the investors.

Back in 2015, when prices of crypto currency were just $300 (source – Wikipedia), if you invested $300 in 2015, it would be approximately $11019. This is the power of investment, no one can ever provide you such extreme returns in 6 years.

You can check out bitcoin prices from for all past years.

If you are looking for the best investments around, I would suggest you to invest in cryptocurrency.  It is a very basic type of investment, where you invest when the prices are low and sell when the prices are high.

2. Refer crypto wallets

After crypto currency was highly demanded by tons of people over the globe (obviously after looking at the massive returns on investment), there was a rise in crypto wallets as well.

There are so many crypto wallets available in the market that you can choose to trade from, but the other benefit that is provided by the crypto wallets is, they provide you a commission when you refer someone to use their wallet.

All you need to do is, refer to the wallet link from your wallet application, and as someone will signup from your unique link, you will earn a commission on the referral.

click here to read more about crypto wallets.

3. Trade cryptocurrency for cash

Crypto currencies can make you money even if you can trade crypto currency for cash. 

There are tons of traders who hold crypto currency when they get it at an affordable price, and then sell it for cash at higher than market price.  

Demand for crypto currencies have increased massively, and so are the prices of crypto have also been increased, this is another reason why crypto currencies are also traded in cash so the traders do not have to pay heavy taxes as well.

4. Bitcoin mining

The very first bitcoin was mined in 2009 and later on, when traders came to know that bitcoin mining can help you earn crypto currency, investing in Bitcoin mines came into the eyes of many investors in order to earn crypto tokens.

Bitcoin mining is a process of earning Bitcoins using a software through which new Bitcoins are added into circulation.

Mining cryptocurrencies is a very costly process where you need a lot of patience and softwares with high paid systems (GPU’s) to generate huge profits. But once you start earning at a good level, there is obviously no looking back, softwares will generate new Bitcoins for you everyday.

You can read this article to learn more about bitcoin mining.

5. Day Trading

As we all know that prices of crypto currency changes every second, and it is very easy to notice if the prices of the crypto are increasing or decreasing.

The way to earn with crypto currency is by day trading, you can buy Bitcoin at a particular price when the price is low and as soon as the price goes higher and you see some profits, you can sell it.

Day trading has proved itself to be most effortless, and also has a very low risk of losing money while you trade. 

6. Crypto Wallets Trading

This has been one of my favourite Techniques to make money with crypto currency.

It is very simple but you just need some huge amount to make a good income everyday, all you need to do is, buy Bitcoins or any other currency from a particular exchange (where you find it at a lower price) then you can send the crypto to another exchange where you can sell it for higher price. 

You can check out all the popular exchanges everyday and you can perform these trading activities daily. I have personally tried this and earned more than 10-12k ($150) per day by trading with $1500 daily. 


In this article, we can’t across 6 proven techniques to earn with crypto currency effortlessly, if you want to make money online without crypto currency, click here) to read.

If you are a beginner with cryptocurrency, I would recommend you to start with investing in Bitcoins first and later when you get some more knowledge about other ways to earn, then you can start using other 5 techniques.

The six techniques we discussed are

  1. Invest in cryptocurrency
  2. Refer crypto wallets
  3. Trade crypto for cash
  4. Bitcoin mining
  5. Day trading
  6. Crypto wallets trading.

These techniques are surely tried and tested, if you are facing any doubts on how you should use crypto to generate income, you can surely post it in the comment section, I would answer it as soon as possible.

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